Are You Missing Key Project Success Factors?
Did you know that two of the most cited causes of project failures are:
social opposition and
environmental concerns 
In fact, close to 75% of delays and related additional costs in industrial projects are caused by 
non-technical, sustainability issues
And YOU can can significantly reduce these risks by ensuring these aspects are integrated into your project plans! 
Use this free e-book and 45+pt checklist to help you:
Discover hidden risks and improvement opportunities
Proactively identify typical stakeholder concerns
Gain confidence and credibility in sustainability issues
Reduce scope creep, delays and cost increments 
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"So much has changed since I started down the PM path 30+ years ago with a degree in Business Systems Analysis...
I’ve been motivated to explore not only more deeply but also to seize on the sense of this approach."
- Bob Hospodor, PMP 
"Engaging, empowering and enabling individuals and teams to make positive impacts on their projects and change initiatives" 
Karen Chovan, Principal 
Enviro Integration Strategies

A Registered Geological Engineer and Project Management Professional who has worked 20 years in industry, projects and sustainability, Karen has great insights into the challenges and strategies to make improvements in industrial operations, projects, and corporate environments.
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